Living in a Teletubby house in Spain…

Daily Prompt: On the Road

by michelle w. on September 30, 2013

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TRAVELS.


There is such a huge world out there. So much I would still love to see. So there are so many answers to today’s question.  I would love living for a while in a primitive hut in Brazil’s rain forest. Or in a palm leaf hut on an exotic island. Or one of those conical huts of deer hide in Mongolia.  Or the underground city at Kappadocia in Turkey- how does it feel to live there?

But the one that I thought of first was of these houses that I saw outside Léon, Spain when I walked the Camino de Santiago. How does it feel to live underground in these Teletubby houses?  Is it better in winter when the snow lays thick?  Don’t people feel cramped and in each other’s faces in a very short time?  So I would love to live with a family in a house like this… but not for long…


Monday Morning Travel

Today, I wish I woke up with my bags/suitcase/ backpack already packed, the tickets/travel vouchers/ passport laying on top at the front door, ready to go.

But alas, sometimes it is necessary to do some work, to collect holiday time and money.  How would it be to be Paris Hilton, jump in daddy’s jet and fly off to daddy’s hotel  on the other side of the world, for their high tea is so good…

This is the Monday morning blues speaking. I feel grumpy, and jealous, irritated and frustrated this morning. That is why I usually spend Monday mornings behind my desk in my office, and not on appointments with real people… Monday morning I need help myself, I am not able to give help to others…

My reading of other people’s blogs do help though. Just to imagine there is a big, wide world somewhere behind my back door, and someone else, like you, dear reader, is sittng at totally the other side of the world, and reading this grumbling blog before going out to a party with friends on the beach, around a huge bonfire… Do you hear the sobbing in the background? That’s me… Image

Other readers are saddling their motorbikes for a drive around South America. Actually- they would still be sleeping… Sherri Jo’s KTM is fixed and ready to go! She is on her way to the Iguazu Falls in Brazil today…

One dude has painted Mount Fiji…



Megan  is out on the Appalachian Trial, doing her dream walk meeting some weird people…


While Niceguy is floating on a boat/canoe/ship/yaught/ battelship/cruiser/dingy somewhere in paradise in the East:


 Yes, today would be much better spent trying out some totally foreign (to me) cuisine like the street markets of China, you know- eating Maltese Poodles and such stuff…

 But if I could really, really have one dream come true- oh come on, bear with me, I need to survive today somehow! One dream I would love to come true- hmmm (long pause, making coffee…thinking so hard that the smoke tendrils are coming out of the ears…)

Yes! This is it… Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii! And no, I am not that old…

dolphin Hawaii

What would you rather do today, if it was totally up to you, and money was no concern? 


South American Virtual Tourism

First things first- Yesterday was the best day so far with viewers coming to visit my blog- thanks to all 123 of you! I still have a long way to go to reach the 341 best of my previous blog, but we are getting there…  I miss the Donkey!

Yesterdays travels was quite informative. I did find a lot of English blogs on Venezuela, and Peru, and Chile. Life in South America looks very interesting to me. Yes, the border crossings are just as bad as Africa’s. There is also huge poverty.  But the landscape is spectacular in many places, and the people look very interesting.  Maybe it is time to brush up on the Spanish, and figure out a way to get one of my two motorbikes over there, with myself on it…

What would I like to see?

Maybe a good starting point would be Rio de Janeiro. It is so beautiful on photos.  I would like to see the Christ the Redeemer statue in real life! At night, with the lights of Rio down below. The nearest I came to that experience, was Cape Town earlier this month, when I went up Signal Hill to show my two youngest kids the city lights at night.  Rio at night- awesome!

This is the best picture I found on the internet- as a Christian it says much to me…   photo from


Rio would be the most fun during Carnaval. I know a lot of my colleagues would not agree with me here, saying things about sin and drink and such things. But it is so interesting to see people at play. People having a festival just to celebrate life. Yes- this must come on the Bucket List!

I read the blog of a young lady travelling South America with her friends. One of them got robbed in RIo. She said everybody gets robbed in Rio. That one I would not enjoy so much- we South Africans get robbed enough, mostly by our own government…


From Rio,  where next? I would love to travel up the Amazon river, and see some of the nature there… these huge trees that keeps us all alive. The magnificent bird life- macaws flying free in the wild…  (from

I love birds, macaws are so beautiful. But they need to be in nature, not in a cage- their sound indoors is nerve-wracking!  But to see them where they are supposed to be- that would be something indeed!

I would also love to see the tango in Buenos Aires. This looks like such a fun and vibrant city to visit.  The tango is such a sexy dance! Beautiful to watch. I would love BA at night…


But then, I would also love some history in my journey to South America- The Incas and the Mayas, and those huge, bloody civilizations they built long before the Spanish arrived on the scene..

I would head to Peru for a visit to Machu Picchu.  I would love to see this place in real life!  To walk between these ancient stones, and think of the time it was

a city full of people, all just trying to make a living, raise a family, trying to love and be happy.  This also needs to be seen by me!

From Peru, I just have to go to Venezuela. Angel Falls!  And then the beach .



While I am in South America, I will have to travel to the roof of the world in Bolivia- like Sherri Jo Wilkens has done so inspiring… (this is from her blog )

And then I just have to see the most narrow country in the world- Chile.  I need to see the desert where there is no rain. But then I also want to taste their wine, to see if it matches up to the good old Cape of Good Hope’s Cabernets…  photo by

I can’t get there by motorbike, but I see the Easter Islands are also part of Chile… This statues would be such an experience to see in real life: ( I

In most of these place I have found bloggers blogging in English- telling their stories, showing their photos… Thank you for writing your blog, it really enriches my life.

And now, dear 123 readers- what am I missing in South America? What would you recommend if I ever do get the chance to ship my bike to South America- what should I definitely go see/ experience/ taste?

PS, after writing this I came across this photo on a blog, and for some reason it blew my mind- it is exactly the feeling I have at the moment. This is what I am longing for in my study in Waterberg, South Africa at the moment!