Some Brown friends from my neighbourhood…

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Brown and Sepia Tones

The Current Series

This week in our current color series the topic is the color brown or sepia tones.   See my entry at the bottom of this post for examples.  I hope you have some fun with this challenge. 


Let me show you some naturally brown friends in our neighbourhood:

_MG_0493The Common Baboon.

Some Warthogs digging in the shade:

_MG_0445And a Blue Wildebeest crossing the path:

_MG_0527A little dwarf goat, as seen on Wordless Wednesday as well:


And finally a rooster, just because he is beautiful!

_MG_0676Now where did I see another rooster recently?

Thank you…

Daily Prompt: Thank You

by michelle w. on September 11, 2013

The internet is full of rants. Help tip the balance: today, simply be thankful for something (or someone).

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THANKS.


I am thankful for being away from people this week. I am thankful for the beautiful part of the world that I live in… and that beauty is all around me. It is spring in the Bushveld. It hasn’t rained since March. It is dry, and the veld are prone to runaway bushfires. Yet the trees are flowering in the hope that rain will soon come. The birds and animals are mating- a new season of life is starting to happen. When the rain comes, everything will be just alright…

Let me show you just a few things I have seen this week, that I am thankful for…


No, not Cape Buffalo like last time… this one is not so dangerous… it is a Blue Wildebeest that is asking: What are you looking at, punk?  They tend to be a bit grumpy…  But their best friend is always somewhere near- ask anyone who has seen the Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti (I did not yet…)


Hopefully everybody recognizes a Zebra… They and Wildebeest are best of friends… the one can’t see so good, the other can’t hear so good, so together they have a much better chance of survival… I wish all the people of South Africa could take this to heart…  We do not have to be the same to help each other to be great!

And one of my favorites of the Bushveld: Pumba from Lion King. There are thousands of them around our town…

How can you not love the Warthog? And this one has a spring in his step…  (Mating season?) Image


Dombeya rotundifolia

In the veld, all around our town, the Dombeya Rotundifolia is flowering… It has the most beautiful and ugly names in Afrikaans… Beautiful- “Nooientjie van die Bosveld”-  or Bride of the Bushveld. And “Drolpeer” or Pear looking like a turd… describing it’s fruit.  As I said- the Bushveld is very dry. But the trees are flowering- new life has begun in spring…  And for that I am thankful… the Spring coming after every Winter…