Country Church Fete

In our rural churches in South Africa, a pretty big chunk of time goes into planning and executing our yearly Church Fete. It happened today.

And here is just some of the moments from today.

_MG_1428 _MG_1434 _MG_1457 IMG_1442 IMG_1475 IMG_1516 IMG_1532 IMG_1601IMG_1500

The last 4 photos was taken by my talented daughter… anyone looking for a great graphic designer next year, let me know…

BTW- Aussie friends- I am so sad about this morning’s rugby game… hate the ref…

Meanwhile, back in Harare… Isn’t the Du Plessis/ De Villiers batting partnership pure joy to watch? That is cricket for our USA friends, you don’t get rugby and cricket, but we love to hate the Aussies on those sport fields… 🙂

Cutting Edge Restoration- What a Car…

Ailsa’s Travel Theme has the theme of “Edge” this week, open for interpretation. So here is my interpretation of “Edge”- the Cutting Edge of Car Restoration…

Today, I have seen this car in Lynnwood road. Pretoria. I just had to stop and take a few photos. it was one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen. Unfortunately the only camera I had with me was my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone…

But I love to share beauties like this on my blog with my discerning readers…

20140830_134717 20140830_134736 20140830_134745 20140830_134807 20140830_134829I have no idea what car this is- there is a Chevy engine peeking out. Who can help with more info on this car?

But thanks to the owner for parking it so majestically outside that people like me can admire it’s beauty!


Action- Weekly Photo Challenge

I saw this Challenge at Nowathome’s blog, and it reminded me of a huge holiday we had in December 2006. This photos was taken at the rocks in front of the Blue Peter Hotel in Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Point of No Return was reached…

Gesinsvakansie 2006_146

First my eldest, my daughter jumped into the rock pool.

Gesinsvakansie 2006_147

Do you have any idea how cold the Atlantic is here at Bloubergstrand, coming up from the South Pole…?


Gesinsvakansie 2006_127

My Eldest son… Going


Gesinsvakansie 2006_128


Gesinsvakansie 2006_129

nearly gone, gone has disappeared somehow…

Gesinsvakansie 2006_152

My second son


Gesinsvakansie 2006_131

My Friend’s son

Gesinsvakansie 2006_132

So how could my youngest also not try?

This was one of the best days of my entire life! And my kids’ lives too!

Alcohol- Sunday Stills

I ride the Argus Cycle race around Table Mountain every year, (missed this year’s race for the first time in 20 years!)  And over the time I have developed some traditions of my own.

After finishing the 110 km race, I usually go to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront of CApe Town, where I usually park my car.  On my way from the finish line to the parking lot, I stop at Ferrymans Tavern- one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town. A pub with some old history behind it…


I see I actually don’t have many photos of Ferrymans… I am usually so very tired after that Cycle race…

Picture 080

But one of my favorite beers in the world resides here. Ferryman’s belongs to Mitchells Breweries. And one of their brews is the Bosun’s Bitter. It only contains about 4% alcohol, but it is really a tasty, grainy beer…


There is another story behind the Bosun’s Bitter. I drink it as a toast to my dad.

We did not always have a great relationship. After I finished university, I had to go to the army as all white young men in South Africa had to do.  When I finished Army, I had a temporary post at a congregation in the Free State. In that time my uncle was murdered in Durban. This uncle was a real mentor for me since a very young age. We met as a family in Durban, and went to my uncle’s funeral. That evening, my father and I went to a pub, just us two. We sat down in a pub, and had a beer or two together. Mitchell’s Bosun’s Bitter. And we talked like real men to each other, and we had a very constructive father and son experience.  The next day we all went home- he and my mother to Newcastle, me and my 7 month pregnant wife to Kroonstad.

I never saw him alive again. Two weeks later he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 54.

Mitchell’s Bosun’s Bitter is a rare beer to find these days in South Africa. The Keg franchise of pubs kept it for years, but I don’t see it there anymore. In Cape Town, I find it at Ferryman’s and at my other favorite watering hole… the Blue Peter Hotel in Bloubergstrand (where I had my honeymoon 24 years ago…)



This is also a beautiful place to see the sun setting over Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, and over the Atlantic Ocean.


Each time I drink a Bosun’s Bitter, I think of my dad. Sometimes with great regrets. For now I am 7 years younger than he was when he died. I understand much better these days… and I try to connect with my sons in meaningful ways, that they may have memories of me one day to treasure. Hopefully more than one beer…


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Orange: Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I have been so missing in action around here I will be greeted like a stranger! Hi all you people! I do have some orange photos! Being a Biker, people will immediately assume it will be KTM photos, but no, I am a Beemer fan… but here is an orange bike to satisfy the first impulses:


I think it is a custom Suzuki Boulevard, but Cruisers is not my scene yet, so I might be totally wrong, in which case I sincerely apologise. Seen at the Poison Rally in Kroonstad, South Africa a few years back. But it is a beauty!

Then, living in a rural town of South Africa, we do like agricultural shows around here. And veteran tractors usually gets a lot of attention…


A Minneapolis Moline, far far away from home…

Next on the orange list: a Sunset silhouette- I should have entered this one in last week’s Photo Challenge!


Nature at it’s most beautiful orange best at sunset…

A foreign country, no, not Holland… in Ireland, in the harbor town of Kinsale:


An orange art shop…

A favorite South African flower, the Namaqualand Daisy, comes in two colours, one being…

To finish off: another Bike of legend- the Original Bullet 500


And there is my take on some of my orange moments in life.  A last one- me, a few years back and a bit heavier than today,  in one of my favorite sweaters- this one I use when hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, so that the helicopter can see me and rescue me if necessary…  camping on the rugby field at Jeffreys Bay, one of THE surfing beaches in the world…

IMG_0713And there you have my Seven Shades of Orange for today’s challenge!


Water- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

I am totally stuck in a writers block of epic proportions.  But this is a good challenge!

My Photo will not win any photographic prizes. It just shows some family fun on water, back in 2008…



But maybe those are the best times in my life, when I just enjoy the moment, without worrying about taking a perfect photo. And just enjoying my children.