Cape Town here we come…

Cape Town here we come...

Table Mountain

Tonight, my wife and I are flying to Cape Town for a long weekend.  A congregation of a small town just outside Cape Town has invited me to come and deliver Sunday’s sermon.  It is a great honour and privilege to be asked, and we are really looking forward to Sunday.

So if I do not blog till Tuesday, just know that I am in a happy place… 🙂

Cape Town friends- any suggestions where I can eat Lobster/Crayfish/ Kreef at a reasonable price- it would be nice to get #19 crossed off my Bucket List…

When the Donkey is dead, dismount…

You can not flog a dead donkey into better performance.

I experienced this fact the hard way the last few weeks. My life was going along quite nicely, just the usual amount of bumps in the road to keep me awake.  I really thought I have figured everything out in life, I have all the answers that I need.

And one phone call was all it took to shake that world right into extinction mode.

Suddenly I have to re-evaluate everything in my life.  Some things that I really took for granted, like some friendships, are really being tested hard.

But maybe this also is a good place to be, although it doesn’t feel like that at the moment.

I have to really think about everything in my life.

My faith is being tested like never before.  My marriage is better than ever, I have been blessed with a wife who really meant it when she said she will walk the road with me for the rest of our lives.  It is really good to be the father of some teenagers, although that is always a bumpy ride as well!

I have to really think deep and hard about my employment. Do I really want to go on living the way I do now? Do I really need to be watching my back all the time when my job is very strongly built on relationships?  Do I need to keep continuing certain friendships, when it is destructive to my happiness?

My previous blog reflected the meekness of a donkey. But that donkey was killed along the way. It was a good friend, it brought me through some difficult times. But the time for meekness and timidness has passed. It is time to saddle up the warhorse, and stand up for who I am, and what I believe in.

A dead donkey might have been a good friend in the past. But sometimes something precious needs to be lost, to gain forward momentum. Sometimes a loss of old identity and worn out dreams are needed, to start looking towards the stars again, and dreaming new dreams.

Sometimes it is so hard to start over.  But it is better than the alternative.  Ecclesiastes 9:4 says something about it better being a live dog than a dead lion.

I choose to be a live horse instead of a dead donkey.  I am gaining the confidence to dare to dream again.  And my dreams will not be stolen by some small jackals!