Found in Nature- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

I want to share my photo of an Impala ram with you. A lot of American readers might ask where a Chev Impala occurs in nature, but then… it was named after this small antelope in Southern Africa…  There are quite a lot of them in our region, which is renowned for it’s game farms.


A Friendly American Face… Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

The Challenge Cee sets this week is: Man Made Items…

Cee so liked yesterday’s old steam tractor that I decided to post another…  a bit newer, definitely a man made object in tune with the challenge…

This Smiling Minneapolis- Moline Tractor- well preserved old beauty!


Man Made Items- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

I just have no inpsiration whatsoever today! So I am falling back to three photos of our December holiday…


Man made a LONG time ago! A Steam threshing machine… I think…


The Slide- Fun on “Africa’s tallest water slide…” at uShaka Marine World


The  Rubberduck- Those nice volunteer life guards saving our asses from drowning at Scottburgh, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles in B & W

What a nice challenge! But where am I going to get motorbike photos?

The CAR:  A Mercedes Benz that competed in the 1908 Grand Prix season, as seen on the Champs Elysee in 1996…

1908 Grand Prix Mercedes

The Truck:  An old Bedford workhorse still going on a farm near us… 


And then: The Bike… what to do?? What to do???

First: A legendary Rat Bike in South Africa. Observe the front wheel was some time ago a back wheel…  Custom built to be ugly, the owner’s pride and joy. Not a Chick Magnet…


But we don’t just have ugly bikes in South Africa! To bring a bit of balance: Another Suzuki Hyabusa Custom- also see yesterday’s beauty!


And there you have it: some beautiful Rides in Black & White!

082713 b&w banner (1)

Free and Easy- Cee’s Photo Challenge

Well- 2014 has got to start somewhere. Where better than a Fun Photo Challenge.


Three of my kids and a niece on Christmas Day 2013- summer in South Africa, not a care in the world…  What are they looking at? I can’t remember! Maybe with hope to 2014 arriving….

I hope 2014 treats us all like this- free and not a care in sight…

Cee’s Share your World week 45

What was the most important event in your life last week?

Who was your favorite singer or music group in high school?

Name the foreign countries you’ve been to.

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?


1. I ate crayfish for the first time in my life, a Bucket List Item crossed off the list! And my family and I visited uShaka Marine World in Durban for the first time- we enjoyed the aquarium in the shape of sunken shipwrecks a lot!


2. Dire Straits! Queen, and Chris de Burgh

3. Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, England, Scotland, Austria…

4. No significance, my parents just liked the name. I don’t have a middle name…

Numbers- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge


All Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago knows this sign- the last 100 km to Santiago, the minimum distance needed to walk to earn the Campostelo Certificate. My Camino hat- I lost it on the last 10 km to Santiago, at a coffee shop underneath the Santiago Airport…  If you see it there, give it my regards…  

Three for Cee

2006 Gesin_071

Three little monsters bearing my name… Three little Nyalas going on auction

Three little Nyalas going on auction 


Three wise men... maybe not yet...

Three wise men… maybe not yet… 

I don’t have that many photos of threes- so I present these three. The last one was edited a lot, it was taken on a family holiday at a guest house- the original looked like this:To keep or lose the Kudu head- that is the question. I don't like stuffed trophies. But some do...

To keep or lose the Kudu head- that is the question. I don’t like stuffed trophies. But some do… 







Camino Way- Cee’s Which Way Challenge


Maybe this is not a good photo, I don’t know…

So let me just tell the story. I went to Léon in Spain to walk a part of the Camino de Santiago, the French Route, in 2011.  I started with my first stamp in my pilgrim’s passport at the Léon Cathedral. And then, when I was was looking for my accommodation I just saw this man walking in an alley. For a few meters he and I were walking on the same road, in the same direction. He was a local, I a tourist from the other side of the globe.

It started me thinking about all the paths we walk in life (as the Camino tends to do…) I just wondered what this man’s life story has been so far. Where did he come from? What did he do with his life? Where was he going when our paths crossed in an ancient alley in Spain.  Also the other people in the photo- who are the man with the pink T Shirt waiting for? The elderly couple walking in the distance- are they still in love? Do they still dream about each other?

Maybe a lot of these questions were triggered by last night’s Church Board meeting. Maybe I am also at a place in my life journey where I am wondering: Where to now?  Am I really living my life to the best of my ability? Do I really make a difference where I am now?

Do I just do the Johnny Walker?  Time will tell.

Which Way Banner


Two- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two Items or the Number Two

The Current Series

This is our second week in a number grouping.  I’m hoping to see a lot of variety in the next few weeks from everyone.  I hope you have had some fun with it.  This week’s topic is two items or the number two.


_MG_0446 _MG_1108 _MG_1196 _MG_1203