A dream comes true


I Love motorbikes. And I love my children. For many years I have dreamed for this day to arrive.

Today, two of my sons successfully completed their motorcycle learners license tests. My eldest son for the big motorbikes, and the younger one for a 125cc bike. The younger one promptly disappeared over the horizon on the scooter with his friends. While the eldest and me rode some blocks around the house. I have to coach him gently, because it is a huge step up from the automatic scooter to a 850 Roadster BMW.  But it went well so we headed of to our local steak house for a beer (just for me- for the nerves!);and some nachos. 

I have really looked forward to this day a long long time! The danger of bigger bikes and young men is the testosterone factor. It is so easy to be overconfident. When you are 18, Marc Marques makes motorbike riding look so easy. But is also real easy to get killed by overconfidence.

So I am really trying to instill a healthy fear and respect in the young men…

And looking forward to great journeys with my sons on two wheels..

23 thoughts on “A dream comes true

  1. I love this post. My husband introduced the love of dirt bikes to both our daughter and son before they could even walk. He rode them around the woods showing them an entirely different view of the world. They are adults now and continue the tradition of rides with their dad. Wishing you many happy rides to come.

  2. Congratulations to your two sons! Our eldest has already gotten his driver’s license for a small bike. And he’s off on an automatic scooter. A few more years and we’ll ease him into the bigger bikes too. πŸ™‚

  3. I can imagine it’s a bit scary. We have a Harley and although my husband is very careful…we take care not to ride too close to dusk when the deer come out. It will be so much fun though and a bonding experience.

  4. Another 10+ years for my lad, but yes, I can totally understand your dream; one I share. Alas, my only bike is dead and defunct, and no cash, so hoping his schooling eventually pays off and he can buy us each a bike in 2025 πŸ™‚

    As for yours, yep, a healthy respect of the danger of themselves is the best gift you can give. They will have spills, as do we all. Let’s hope they have a light fall (no injury beyond their pride) within the first 6 months – they’ll remember that lesson for decades to come.

    And show them this…

    Happy and safe riding to you all πŸ™‚

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