Saturday Night in the Parsonage…

A sad and lonely blog post, do not read any further. Rather go to a happy blog tonight… Go to the Photography or Travel Categories instead… 

What a week this has been…

We have to attend a certain amount of further educational training courses in a year, like a lot of other professions.

This week was it. My colleagues and I went to Pretoria, for a 3 Day Seminar, with different workshops. It usually is a very good time of the year, catching up with old friends, thinking new thoughts, buying new books. It is also Spring in South Africa, and the university campus life is full of new energy.

But in our home town it has not rained yet- the last rain we have seen must have been around March- Irish friends won’t understand this at all. The region is very dry, and very hot at the moment. It is also very windy.

We were just attending our first lecture on Tuesday, when the calls came through. One of my favorite people in the world, one of the elders in our church, has passed away. He was caught in a bush fire on his farm.  This was the one person in our church that has supported me maybe the most, through my 20 years in our town. He has been there for me in good times, and in some extremely bad times.  He was the one person, that came to my house just after my operation, who came and sat on my bed to ask how I am doing. He was the king of Watermelons in our region, and every summer he delivered some of the world’s finest watermelons at our house. A real father figure in my life. I also see all three his sons as friends in my life.

This morning I had to lead the memorial service for him. It was really difficult. I was dead tired afterwards, and barely made it to my bed for a nap this afternoon.

Now it is Saturday night. Party night in South Africa. The evening to watch the rugby games with friends. To barbecue together. Time for family and friends.

I have been away from home for three days. I came home on Thursday, and Friday my wife went on a Netball training course for her school, for the whole weekend. The kids are at a church youth camp. And now I have the first available time to prepare my sermon for tomorrow night’s church service.

One of our older pastors has written a poem about 20 years ago, about it being Saturday night in the Parsonage, and he is just dotting some ink marks on an empty paper. That is the feeling here tonight as well.

Maybe when one feels sad and lonely one should not post on your blog.

I would much rather sit around a fire tonight, in good friends’ company, with a glass of red wine.  Maybe that is why I blog tonight…

Meanwhile, my sermon for tomorrow evening looks like this:



7 thoughts on “Saturday Night in the Parsonage…

  1. I am terribly sorry for your loss, Vosper – especially under such frightful circumstances …
    You posted because you needed to make contact with people with whom there must be SOME common ground – or else you wouldn’t be still in contact … You needed to feel you were linked, somehow, outside your world.
    And you are.

  2. Wat n vreeslike verlies, op so n tragiese manier… Ons innige meegevoel, dis n klein wereldjie, mense in ons vriendekring, wie se ouers ook daar rondom Nylstroom en Naboom boer, was ook bevriend met hierdie Oom. Sy onverwagse heengaan is vir baie mense n jammerte, en dit alleen wys wat n wonderlike mens hy moes gewees het en hoe baie hy gemis gaan word. Mag hy in vrede rus.

  3. Sterkte. Dis ‘n groot seen om so vaderfiguur in mens se lewe te he en ‘n groot verlies wanneer hul nie meer daar is nie. Ons gaan more bietjie na julle wereld toe, daar na die Kyknet Outdoor show by Bela Bela. 🙂

  4. I appreciate you sharing this difficult side of ministry. My Brother in Christ, my prayers are going up for you and your church family. May God’s comfort and grace surround you in this time of loss.

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