From Winter to Summer in 24 Hours…

In our part of the world, we don’t have a Spring season anymore. The one night it was still in the minus degrees below Centigrade, and the next week we started seeing days that is 31 degrees C. And we do have a long summer- going on up till about end of April…

I am using this new season wisely. I still have this dream to do my 20th Pick ‘n Pay Argus Cycle Race (109 km) around Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa in less than 4 hours. After my operation I did not start cycling yet. I started by swimming.

The first week was pure hell on earth, it felt like drowning every step of the way.

But now, after 4 weeks, I am swimming 30 laps a day (25 meter laps).  I am starting to wonder how one of our country’s one mile swimming races will feel, and if it is survivable for someone like me… Any advice and tips on training for a mile dam swim will be most welcome!

This is my view every morning after sunrise…

2014-09-15 08.16.26

30 Laps swimming, then a hot shower at the resort, and then I am good to go for a 10-12 hour day’s work…

10 thoughts on “From Winter to Summer in 24 Hours…

  1. That is an amazing sight to see each morning. I can’t offer advise apart from make sure you surface often enough to breath. I can’t swim at all. Guess I should learn one day.
    Hope you do well and enjoy 🙂

    • Love it- this was the view right through winter as well, the front pool is heated, and on a very cold day still possible to swim in, although swimwear freezes when you get out… 🙂

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