Adventure- WPC

My idea of Adventure involves getting on a motorbike, and going more than 1000 km from home…

This was taken on one of the passes near Swellendam, Cape Province, South Africa…  quite a few years ago.

Picture 104


On the same journey- maybe you will recognize this background…


Man, I miss the Aprilia Pegaso! What a trusty bike she was…

I also had some adventure about an hour ago. came off my GS on a sandy road… bike fine, my ego gone…

10 thoughts on “Adventure- WPC

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  2. Oh come on, Vosper ! – you can’t have your cake and eat it too ! You bikies are all the same: you go through bikes like I do WP themes, and still you manage to wish you have the [Xth] one. [grin]

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