Oh the things we shall see…

This afternoon nearly went really bad. My son and I was nearly involved in a huge accident with the VW Beetle, with a lorry on the open road trying his best to run us off the road.  Our country has road rage as a national sport after soccer, and then rugby and cricket. But I did not want to compete in the honorable sport of beating up other road users, and I did not have a bat with me. So we just had to let it go.

We were on our way to a man living between our town and the next one. a man skilled in the art of car restoration. We wanted some advice on the Beetle’s driver door being stuck. And my son also wanted to ask him to borrow a nice old classic car for the matric farewell evening (the USA Prom Night idea…)

You will have to wait till the end of September to see what he will be driving his date in… but it is GOOD wheels!

In any case- we did make it safely to the farm, scared ****less but still in one piece.

This man also has a collection of Harleys. And when he showed us around, we saw this old one, still in working condition, standing behind his more regularly used Harleys. I again only had my Samsung Galaxy with me, and the battery was low, so I could not use the flash. But I hope the photos still convey some awe of a machine, dating from 1943 (that is 71 years old!) still able to go go for a ride…

I have real respect for this bike! And the emblem on the tank: oh boy, war sure inspire a lot of dangerous thoughts…

2014-09-04 16.39.05

2014-09-04 16.37.26 2014-09-04 16.37.35 2014-09-04 16.38.29 2014-09-04 16.38.37

I think one day I will go back with my decent Canon, and ask to take a few up to standard photos of this bike. But I really wanted to share this special moments…

The Harley Fans can say what model it is, made in 1943…

cees-fun-foto Also tagged under Cee’s Challenge, because I was looking for wheels, and with the near accident have forgotten all about it. Click on the logo to see some other dear friends’ amazing contributions on the subject Wheels…


12 thoughts on “Oh the things we shall see…

  1. Vosper, I do wish you wouldn’t carry on so about 1943: that was a PARTICULARLY good year, if I say so meself ! [grin]
    As for the Harley – it must be worth a packet ! Is he going to restore it, d’you think ?

    • 1943- ah yes- when the Russians won the battle for Stalingrad… 🙂 Happy day that…
      The Harley is quite valuable, he has received a few mindblowing offers on it, but do not want to sell it. The restoration is another good question, as his place is full of old MG’s patiently waiting their turn to be restored… I don’t think it will happen soon. But then, these Harley’s value won’t depreciate either.

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