Spring is in the air…

We have one big plus in our part of the world. Winter only lasts about two months of the year around here…

But- Spring day yesterday was a cold one!  And yesterday was not a good day either, with a good friend and colleague dying of a heart attack.

The last few weeks’ pressure and sad times  is getting to me today. And I do have a few difficult appointments lined up all through today. (One man I visited was angry at me for nine years now. Hopefully he feels better after this morning’s little chat…)

But there is one remedy for my melancholic feelings that always works- a ride on my bike.

So over lunch I popped over to our neighboring town, where a good friend works at the Chicken farm.
2014-09-02 12.30.12They have a very good farm stall at Spif Chickens, and we had a good lunch there- a chicken burger with bacon and cheese. Not with fries, but with salad- cucumber and lettuce and tomatoes. Together with a good cup of coffee. So that he can tell me about his adventures at the Swazi Rally…

Motorbikes and friends really helps me getting along in life’s difficult times. Thanks Duster!

It is still quite cold at the moment, but the climate is changing fast for the better- good riding times ahead… Now I really need to buy a new rear tire, I have to cover mine with a mosquito net at every stop…



8 thoughts on “Spring is in the air…

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. You are a very positive person that a ride on your bike, a chat with a friend and some wholesome food get you going with a smile and kind words for others 🙂

  2. You seem quite chipper, now, Vosper – which is very good ! All that pain gone forever, eh ?
    But you must continue to eat healthy food: try to avoid fries and things totally, if poss. But then I’m sure your wife is telling you all this, so I’ll shut me face. [grin]

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