Friday morning sex is the best!

I wish… but the original title just won’t attract any readers at all…

It is Friday- my day off usually. But today I have to finish my sermon for Sunday.

Because this afternoon we are going through to Krugersdorp. One of my friends is the headmaster of a very strong rugby school (Monnas), and tonight one of the country’s rugby programs on television, Toks & Tjops, is broadcasting a live show from there. We are invited to be part of the invited guests…

I have never experienced being part of a live television broadcast before. My wife also loves this show, so we are quite excited to be there tonight.  We will also have to sleep over. So- my sermon for Sunday must be ready before  my wife and kids comes out of school. Then it is off to the big and bad city…

I am sitting at my desk. On my hifi a CD of Beethoven’s Romantic Pieces is playing. Every now and then I look at my facebook status as well. One of my friends  just mentioned coffee, it being about 11 am when he did.


A While back Margaret Rose asked how we make our coffee. This is one of my favorite ways, and maybe how my gallbladder got FUBAR in the first place…

But now- the sermon will not finish itself. So… have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Friday morning sex is the best!

  1. Nono, Vosper – it couldn’t be: that’s a Bialetti on a gasring. Bialettis don’t cause problems.
    Or did you mean the amount of coffee you drink …?

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