Fray (II) Weekly Photo Challenge

One of the famous landmarks on our favorite Route 62 in South Africa, known by all bikers, is Ronnies Sex Shop….  Between Ladismith and Barrydale.


It is actually a Pub, on a very hot stretch of Karoo desert road. A cold one here really helps a lot to enjoy the route even more. But what does that have to do with “Fray”? Well, inside it is customary to leave some underwear there, especially if you are passing it on your honeymoon. But some of the underwear does show signs of extended use- i.e. being frayed…


To confess: these three photos each comes from different visits to Ronnies, I stop there a lot on my way to Cape Town… Desert road… beer… you know…

Picture 039

7 thoughts on “Fray (II) Weekly Photo Challenge

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