Orange: Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I have been so missing in action around here I will be greeted like a stranger! Hi all you people! I do have some orange photos! Being a Biker, people will immediately assume it will be KTM photos, but no, I am a Beemer fan… but here is an orange bike to satisfy the first impulses:


I think it is a custom Suzuki Boulevard, but Cruisers is not my scene yet, so I might be totally wrong, in which case I sincerely apologise. Seen at the Poison Rally in Kroonstad, South Africa a few years back. But it is a beauty!

Then, living in a rural town of South Africa, we do like agricultural shows around here. And veteran tractors usually gets a lot of attention…


A Minneapolis Moline, far far away from home…

Next on the orange list: a Sunset silhouette- I should have entered this one in last week’s Photo Challenge!


Nature at it’s most beautiful orange best at sunset…

A foreign country, no, not Holland… in Ireland, in the harbor town of Kinsale:


An orange art shop…

A favorite South African flower, the Namaqualand Daisy, comes in two colours, one being…

To finish off: another Bike of legend- the Original Bullet 500


And there is my take on some of my orange moments in life.  A last one- me, a few years back and a bit heavier than today,  in one of my favorite sweaters- this one I use when hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains, so that the helicopter can see me and rescue me if necessary…  camping on the rugby field at Jeffreys Bay, one of THE surfing beaches in the world…

IMG_0713And there you have my Seven Shades of Orange for today’s challenge!


19 thoughts on “Orange: Ailsa’s Travel Theme

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  4. Cool colours here Rider – I thought you might post a photo of the ORANGE river😀
    Actually I could have done that myself…
    Favourite? Has to be the Stone Mad Gallery – sizzling hot!
    Jude xx

  5. Sommer net lekker!! Vis braai in J-Baai en kuns winkels in Kinsale!! Ek moet nog daar gaan seekos eet!! In J-Baai het ek dit al gedoen!! Op daai selfde rugbie veld!!😉

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