To Finally Ride again…

After more than a month without riding, I really got a wonderful chance to Ride again today.  With a lot of my favorite people.

One of the Bible Society’s guys have been transferred down to the Durban branch. So a lot of us Word Riders gathered at Beestekraal Station. It is about 185 km from my home, (would that be about 120 miles?) The Word Riders are some guys who were on the yearly Bible Society Word Rider tours. We came from all over the north and east and west of South Africa to the small railway station. Just to have a nice breakfast with friends…

And here are some of the pics of today- so nice to be having fresh new photos…


Observe the beautiful Mandarin Yellow BMW R 1150 GS in the front!

The station in the middle of nowhere, has been converted into a restaurant/ coffee shop/ bar…



And here, from Pietersburg (Polokwane) to Nelspruit (Mbombela) to Klerksdorp, including Pretoria and Kempton Park, we gathered…


Some of my favorite people in life, even the guys on Triumph Tigers… (does the rest of the world also have the rivalry between BMW and Triumph owners?)


This place has “Station Coffee”- a very good filter coffee with a little condensed milk in it- really good!


My breakfast was a venison pie and chips (fries for the American friends).

One of the traditions here is that you may write your name on the wall.


And somewhere on the wall, my name is also engraved for the future generations, or till the next layer of paint, whichever comes first….


It was so good, doing nearly 400 km on my bike today. With awesome friends. What a Ride!



4 thoughts on “To Finally Ride again…

  1. Oh, thank all the gods! – now you can stop bloody whingeing !!! [grin]
    Goodonya, Vosper – presoomably both erstwhile conditions are now long since fled. 🙂

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