Grace calls for Gratitude…

A Tweet becomes a blog post, usually it is the other way around with me.

But I am thinking again tonight. Maybe my little prayer/ wisdom candle is burning too low at the moment.


There are so much pain in this world, and so much brokenness all around. I have just returned from visiting the parents of a young man who died on his motorbike in our town’s main street on Saturday morning.  A young man who I knew for many years, and whom I really liked a lot. A fellow biker, an artist, a free spirit.  I do not understand life and death, especially the pain and suffering part of it. Yes, I know, I am only halfway through my sick leave and should not go out yet- but I could not just stay at home with some good people really suffering a huge loss…  There is so much pain and suffering all around. Maybe I should used “are” here, I am never sure, English is such a difficult second language….

But… there are still so much grace and beauty in this world…

I am still not able to drive a car  or ride my bike. But usually I am, without any thoughts of pain and suffering. I enjoy being a petrolhead and a Biker. I love the freedom of the open road, with the wind in my face.  And for a few weeks I am not able to do that.

I love having good conversations with friends, sometimes around a bottle of good Cape Province (South Africa!) red wine, Merlot, CAbernet Sauvignon, Pinotage. And for a few weeks I was not able to have merry times with friends. But there will be good times ahead, as I know some of my friends…

But in the absence of my vehicles, and my friends, I had to rely much more on the love and care of my wife. And what a privilege it is to be married to someone who I truly love, with my whole heart…  And with God’s grace we will celebrate our silver anniversary next year!

I had all my kids at home over the weekend. Sunday lunch with them all around my table is such a huge, huge part of grace. Thinking of Saturday’s accident- we just never know for how long we are together as a family on this planet.

Even with the health issues. I am not able to drive yet, but  I do not experience any real pain at the moment. Even the operation to remove the faultygallbladder was much, much less painful than the lightest of the 8 gallgrit attacks. I am suffering a very small setback in my health, while I know people in my church having life threatening diseases and conditions, like cancer, and heart problems. And I have learned so much from them about courage in adversity, and the true love of life, and the fighting spirit with which some people just keeps on breathing, despite the odds…


Sometimes we really need to come to a complete stop in our journey of life. Sometimes you have  to pull over, switch off, and take in the stillness, and the peace, and the beauty around you.

Sometimes you just have to get a new candle…

2014-08-04 21.38.17

Ok, the photos are just from my broken Samsung Galaxy S3 at my desk at the moment. And the prose will not win any primary school literary prizes. But my point: We have one life, we have so many blessings.   I don’t intend to waste any time or blessings any more, life is just too short not to live it to the fullest possible extent!

PS- I pray for peace in Jerusalem- for ALL it’s people! Psalm 122: 6



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