Decoration- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

Ok, I know I am stretching it a lot today… but I wanted to share this with you guys anyway. Just outside our town there is this venue, Castle de Wildt,  where a yearly Exotic Game Auction is held- it is going on at the moment.

And when I and some friends walked through the pens where the game are kept, we came across the most beautiful of all the antelope in Africa, in my eyes…  Just look at the decoration in the form of horns on this Kudu bull!

Now THAT is decoration in my eyes. I don’t know yet for how much this bull has sold, as I had to leave early, I am marrying a couple in two hours time.  A friend let me know that a Sable bull just sold for ZAR 800 000, that must be about US$ 75000!

But dear friends, relax- these animals are not sold to be hunted. They are worth so much more as breeding stock- they will have a very safe and relaxed life ahead of them, just eating and sleeping and breeding… now that sounds like the life to have!

PS- I would have preferred to see this bull in it’s natural habitat, and shoot it… with my Canon 400D and a 55-250iS lens!

Got to hurry now to get dressed and get out to the wedding venue…

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