In celebration of the Wheel- Relics from the past- WPC

In our country’s history the ox wagon played a huge part. Today a lot of old wagon wheels can still be found, mostly as garden decorations.

_MG_1075 _MG_1127 _MG_1161Relics from our past…

But then, being somewhat of a petrolhead myself, I could not resist sneaking in some other old wheels as well- usually relics  from our farming heritage…




Yes, wheels brought mobility and progress, not always a good thing, me thinks…



15 thoughts on “In celebration of the Wheel- Relics from the past- WPC

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  4. Hi. I have stumbled upon your blog and I was looking at a few of your pictures. I think that I bumped into you ones at a garage just outside of Bloemfontein. I remember asking you where you were off to. Your registration was a Limpopo one. Small world. Great blog. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

  5. Many still to be found on outback farms Downunder, too … it’s as if some people think they might have a use for ’em one day. 😀

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