TEDx- Which country does the most good for the world- my version

Barefoot Medical Student  (what an excellent Freshly Pressed awarded Blog!) introduced me to the wonderful world of TED. And one of the favorite talks there is Simon Anholt’s talk on the country doing the most good for the world…  For a transcript see here…

Excellent talk, Simon! Thanks! Been to Ireland, have an Irish Sister in Law, love the place and it’s people… but  I don’t think that it is the Most Good Country…

Here is my earthquake inducing answer to the question, dear Simon, with my reasons…

The best country in the world, doing the most good for the world is… no, not the USA.  Or China or Russia. Especially not South Africa, Julius Malema singlehandedly sunk our chances for that one… If you do not know Julius Malema, thank God and move on…

Zapiro is an AMAZING cartoonist in South Africa, hated by the politicians, and loved by the rest of us good people… http://www.africancrisis.org/Article.php?ID=65289&



The Best Country in the whole wide world, doing the most good for the world, is… BOTSWANA!

Only about 160 km from my home, to the west of us.

Why on earth Botswana? Here are some reasons to convince you all beyond a reasonable doubt…

  •  Botswana never gave us Paris Hilton or Justin Beeber.
  • Botswana does not have an atomic bomb, or program.
  •  Botswana has less people in the whole population than the US Military
  •  Botswana produces a lot of engagement ring diamonds at the Jwaneng mine…. let’s talk about love. baby…
  • Botswana does not overfish the oceans, the oceans are too far away…
  • Botswana has beautiful sunsets, and great evenings around the tribal fire underneath the most amazing starry skies…
  • Botswana has a firm hand on crime, not like our country where the criminals now run the country.
  • Botswana does have some of the best wildlife to go and visit, the Okavango Delta is a must see…
  • Botswana does not steal farms from their farmers.
  •  Botswana still have elephants roaming wild and free in the north, just below the Chobe and Zambesi rivers.
  •  Petrol (Gasoline)  is much cheaper in Botswana than in South Africa where they buy it in the first place…
  •  There are no toll gates in Botswana
  • Botswana does not declare war on their neighbors.
  •  Botswana does not have Jacob Zuma for a President, and is not ruled by the ANC…
  •  Botswana does quite well in educating their people, and taking care of their health…
  •  There are more donkeys than people in Botswana- and no, Google did not kill one of them
  •  Botswana did not cause the world economy to fall.
  • Botswana’s secret service never made it into a movie.
  •  Their border posts are much cleaner and more effective than South Africa’s!
  •  Botswana will most certainly not cause World War III…
  •  There is no oil in Botswana, so no OPEC membership either.
  •  Botswana is much bigger than Ireland.
  •  A Tswana on a donkey drives much faster than an Irishman in a car going through Taum…
  •  Wikipedia says Botswana also shares Pap and Boerewors  in an enamel plate with us South Africans as some of the world’s best cuisine…



14 thoughts on “TEDx- Which country does the most good for the world- my version

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are having health issues, Rider. Hang in there and take care of yourself.
    Love your post about Botswana! It was so informative! i would love to visit someday. I just saw a map of the US compared to Africa. It fits inside a small quadrant!!!
    Thanks for bringing this to the party! I’m glad you came!
    Feel better, friend.

    • Hi M-R! The apple juice worked! Nearly 3 weeks since the last attack. I did ask my doctor to get hold of a surgeon to remove it, but it seems aa of all surgeons are on a walkabout at present. But I am doing great, thanks!

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