Another day of Fun in the Sun…

It is the depth of winter. My eldest son is out there on the sunflower fields, with a 1967 John Deere tractor, all on his own. So- while it is school holiday here and my wife is having a rest from her school, we decided to hop on our GS, and go and surprise him. We bought a 2 liter Coke, and some meat pies, and then drove all the way to the farm, and on the dirt roads to the back fields where he work. This time I took my little Powershot camera with, to take some better pictures.


This IS the depth of winter around here, I suppose Minnesota does look a bit different in it’s winter time?


And this is to a wonderful wife who rides my bike with me, even on some dirt roads…

I had a wonderful Friday so far!

9 thoughts on “Another day of Fun in the Sun…

  1. Very nice. I must laugh at your depth of winter tho. Cover that lovely sunflower field in snow up to your waist, and bring in a stiff sub zero cross wind, one of which will frost your eye lashes up, that and watch the sun set at 4:30 in the afternoon, then you’ll have a pretty good feel for a Minnesota winter. Coke and meat pies were a nice touch tho!

    Blessings to your son and you too!

    • I hope in April it will be much better then! I can’t begin to imagine winters like that! There have NEVER been any snow around our town in living memory…

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