Some primitive agricultural implements in Africa…

My eldest son has this dream to go to Minnesota to go and drive combined harvesters for Mr  Olsen.  This week he started working on a farm outside our town. He finishes school in November, and this is an opportunity for some excellent school holiday employment.

Now I am just a little worried- Africa is so primitive and we have such old technology around here… NOT!

I am so grateful to the young farmer in our church giving my son some holiday work to see if he likes it.

These are some of the beautiful tractors and other equipment on his farm.


No, my son won’t be driving this one yet. As it should be, he is driving the oldest tractor on the farm, dragging a huge tree stump across an old sunflower field to flatten the stalks before the next planting season.


As you can see, this farm does have a John Deere obsession…


I dropped my son off at sunrise to start his first day. Then I drove around this huge farm, looking for some warthogs. It was wonderful sitting at the edge of a huge field, drinking a cup of coffee from my Stanley flask.


While I sat here, I thought a lot.  In America to own a huge commercial farm makes you a good businessman and a success story. In South Africa our government brands you as a racist landgrubbing thief. If you are white.

The young owner of this farm is an excellent farmer. He takes out land loans from the bank, and grows his business bigger. He works extremely hard, and is successful in what he does.  He treats his workers very well. He is no racist and definitely no thief. He has my respect and gratitude. His farm is unfortunately on the wrong continent.


For a balanced opinion on land ownership in Africa- read this:

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