Cape Town in winter…

At the moment my wife and I are in a cold and wet and windy Cape Town. But we love this place in any of its moods…


The Fishing harbour at Hout  Bay- one of my favorite spots of the Cape, except when I am on my bicycle the 2nd Sunday of March each year…


A Beautiful view of Table Mountain today… er… the Mountain has been stolen!

Why did we fly to Cape Town in winter? Last night one of my best friends in life got married. So me and Mrs Rider dressed up a bit…


I looked forward so much to this evening… then I had another gall sludge attack. I only had 2 cups of soup and water last night… But the party was really good! We really enjoyed last night in the Protea hotel Fire & Ice… tonight we are staying at other good friends and tomorrow morning we are flying back home…

15 thoughts on “Cape Town in winter…

  1. And did you follow that applejuice regimen Vosper ? If you did, and it didn’t work, isn’t it time for something more drastic >

  2. I am from south africa, working in france at the moment. When i get home in oct i am definitely visiting cape town!! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Daardie galblaas!! Ek sien iets is aan die kom .. kan jy maar dit laat verwyder nie? Klink vir my minder pynlik as die galstene storie… deesdae doen hul dit mos met laser skiet die stene tot stof… of so iets. Jul lyk al te fraai . ..en jonk , voel die tante so bejaard..

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