History Channel- WTFF!!!

I love history. So, I really was excited when History Channel was added to our satellite (Cable for you US folks) television.

But the last year History Channel has little actual history programs. I mean- how would Storage Wars really be history? Garbage Archaeology is interesting, but is it history?

There is a LOT of restoration programs as well. I love Restoration projects. but would usually expect to find it at  Discovery.

History Channel- I would love to see Spitfires versus Messerschmitts. Atilla the Hun. Stonehedge- how did they do it? Or the aliens that built the pyramids in Egypt and South America- how their space ships worked…

But I can live with Storage Wars and American Restoration.

What really, really is driving me over the edge: History Channel advertises itself over and over and over and over at every ad break in South Africa.

But the worse is: they use the same ad over and over and over and over again. This must be the stuff used by the CIA at Guantanamo Bay to torture people.  (oops- there I said it, now I will never get a visum to visit the USA, and I must look out for the silent black helicopters or drones firing Hellfire missiles up my *ss…)

I am not joking- they are using the Mutoscope episode of American Restoration since November last year. Or the year before that A thousand times a day. And it is cracking me up- which in South Africa do not mean making me laugh… It is driving me around the bend, taking me to cloud cuckooland. Making me mentally unfit to stand trail- oh no, that was the Oscar Pistorius trail… been watching too much telly when I should have been working on the Beetle…

This episode: Even WordPress will not show the link anymore: it is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeSdRgZak-k

My wife has to wipe the spittle of my mouth at night, when I start mumbling in a nasal twang: “Well, it looks just like new, Rick…”

The customer must be a very kind gentleman. It is not his fault. But really, really- to show him saying that sentence 1000 times a DAY is really getting me down.

If anybody at History Channel ever see this: PLEASE, PLEASE GET A NEW AD!!! You are being cruel!




9 thoughts on “History Channel- WTFF!!!

  1. I am in Argentina, and face the same problems that South Africa obviously do, this incessant advertising, every 5 or 10 minuttes is truly obnoxious, well at least make it varied, but no, it is pure brainwashing, repeat of the same episodes, and ads over and over and over again, ohh how I wish I knew somebody who would actually listen to this complaint !!

  2. I go make some tea, or wash the dishes, or check on the food, or do something constructive whenever there is ads on TV 😉 Keeps one sane

  3. Fair warning: If you ever get The Learning Channel (TLC) , be warned it is actually worse than The History Channel. You learn things you never wanted to know in some cases.

    • Fortunately we don’t have the 1000’s of channels showing nothing here at any given time in South Africa. We also only have 1 Discovery Channel here and 1 Sky News, not the variety our family in Ireland got used to. Learning Channel is not here yet, as far as I know. But a lot of our programs do repeat the same ads over and over and over again… That is why I usually don’t watch it at all, or record it and fast forward the ads. But tonight I just wanted to relax…

    • I was wondering about that one 😉

      The endless advertising and repeating of episodes multiple times in one day is why I’d decided getting dstv simply isn’t worth the bother. SABC already offers all of that.

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