Today I voted. And Rode.

What a day!

Today is a public holiday in South Africa. We are having our 5th election for everybody. I am glad.

So a lot of my biker friends went for a breakfast in Bela Bela. My wife rode with, she loves the new bike.  We had a great time.

Then we voted.

Then my son and I painted the Beetle some more.

I tried to take a nap this afternoon.  I heard another man of our church, which I admire a lot, is dying in Pretoria, our capital. I threw a few clothing articles in a small suitcase, and went to the hospital to visit him.  This really hurts to do, but it means a lot  to people. Nobody should die alone!

Now I am in a student watering hole near the university campus.   It is dark, the music ia loud, and the food is good and cheapm What a place! I am double the next patron’s age! BUT I now need the aliveness and mood here. And the food.

What a day. I am knackered. The student next to me is putting some Italian herbs in a newspaper and lights it. The smoke smells sweet and funny. Purple turtles are flying around my head. What a LEKKER place… I wonser how Basil in a newspaper tastes? The Jalapeno steak for about US $ 7 is awesome. Peace out!

18 thoughts on “Today I voted. And Rode.

  1. Oh bu the way, I am sleeping in a house very close to where mr Oscar Pistoriua done terrible things via a bathroom door to a beautiful woman. WE OFtEN HEAR SHOTS FIRED HERE, Then police syrens and then the helicopters… It is crazy in this workers paradise where thevpeople do try amd work… Pills makes me drowzy and incohereeeeeeennnnnt…….ลผzzzzลบ

  2. Thanks so much kiwi, I am staying over at my mothers house to be of assistance again when needed tomorrow morning… it is good I am not going back home tonigjt. I am still ill, with inflamed sinusses, an ulper airway infection, headaches, coughing, sore eyea… Not so much fun in the city when you feek like a warned up zombie. So thanks for reading this drivel, and keep well!

    • The smile is good, this man lived his life to the fullest, and neant so much to so many… he has done it all, leaving nothing unsaid or unfinished. What a way to go with style!

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