I am a blessed man!

With a wife who still loves me after nearly 25 years of marriage and 4 kids! And who rides with me on my new bike! What more could a man want in life?

Today we took our first ride together on the “new” GS…  It was fun!

And yes, I love my wife dearly!

So… I am cooking tonight’s meal: a Chicken Pot…  served on a bed of Couscous…  The chicken is underneath all the veggies…


16 thoughts on “I am a blessed man!

  1. 25 years … well done, you must be doing something right together *smile – and you can cook too, bikes and good food could be the reason.
    I wish you two only the best with all the years that lay in head of you.

  2. Wonderlik die 25jaar ! Ek dink nog steeds sy is dapper en fiks om so saam-saam te ry. Sy kry by my ‘n ster . Glansend – sommer vir die 25 jaar ook. Mooi ry en moet tog nie afneuk nie…

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