On Top- Weekly Photo Challenge


Church buildings in South Africa usually have a steeple ON TOP, with a Church Bell to call all the sinners to worship… 🙂

This is the steeple of the  historical church building in Swellendam (in the Cape Province of South Africa. ) Churches sometimes have a rooster on top, to remind people not to do like Peter did… deny Jesus. See the bell?


This is the church building where I preach…  We do not have a traditional building. But the church fathers did include a modern take on a steeple. See the bell?

_MG_0145Now- that is a mighty big structure just to hold up a bell, there on top of our church building…  Maybe we could use it a little bit better?

So we decided to let it multitask… It is now the top station of… our ZIPLINE!  Why not have fun too with our church building?  Adventure sports will teach some people to pray better…

For whom the Bell tolls, up there ON TOP…


IMG_0171 IMG_0192


8 thoughts on “On Top- Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. “a Church Bell to call all the sinners to worship?” eeeeek, ya’ gunna’ need a lot of church bells if you are looking my way – just saying, like. LOL – no seriously, luv the “realistic” take on combing fun and faith . . .

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