Easter Weekend Ride!

In South Africa it is quite traditional for Bikers to go to the Eastern Transvaal/ Mpumalanga for a Easter Weekend Ride…

Being a pastor, and this being the most holy weekend of the Church year, I can almost never go for a far ride and an Easter Weekend away.

But today we nearly had a FAR Ride!  A good friend I met at last year’s Word Riders Tour, and his wife, invited me and my wife to ride along today,

We did not reach Mpumalanga but we did ride a good 360 km today!  Remember- South Africa can be quite a dry country. So we love water. And we go out of our way to see the sea, and if that is too far away- a proper dam will do nicely. OK Canadian friends, we dont have anything to compete with the Great Lakes…

But: 180 km from our home is the Loskopdam between Middelburg and Groblersdal. And there we went this morning.

Here is some of the fun- I did not take many photos today…

IMG_2343 IMG_2353We had a lovely lunch at the Bospot- (Bush Pot… not difficult to understand Afrikaans!) Restaurant. I enjoyed the Calzone Pizza, but I really thought a Calzone must be folded like an omelet?  In any case, it still was lovely.  I just wished we had booked at a guest house and could ride some more… But tomorrow is Easter Sunday, not to be missed in my congregation…

But thanks Philip and Marietjie, this was an AWESOME day!


10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Ride!

  1. I like that white bike! We have the Great Lakes too, haha! One thing I always found funny over there is calling the whole reservoir a dam. Over here we just call the dam the dam (does that make sense?). Happy Easter!

    • Hi Spike, it was a very good day! Our petrol at the moment is about R14.50 per liter, which would be about 80 British Pence, or about 1.1 Euro… Much Cheaper than the UK, but MUCH more expensive than the USA or Egypt! I heard Turkey is quite expensive on the fuel too, that is why I only used public transport when I was there in 1999. (And the driving skills of some Turks made public transport much more desireable… 🙂 )

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