Good Friday- another view…

Today is Good Friday for us Christians, a very holy day for us. We went to church at 08h00 this morning, and I did not have to preach- it is good being more than one pastor in our church…

After church we went with our younger colleague, his wife and a doctor friend to our town’s Golf Estate for a hearty breakfast. So good so far…

Then, I was not wholly holy today… 🙂  My son is having his 18th birthday in less than a month. I want to give him my old VW Beetle. This Beetle is a very valuable Beetle. Not money wise, it is probably not worth any more than the scrap metal value. But my grandmother bought this Beetle brand new when I was 1 year old…I know this Beetle my whole life long so far.

So I have engaged my two eldest sons to help me today.  We have to repair years and years of rust. The problem: I really have NO mechanical skill whatsoever. Between Youtube clips and Jim Tyler’s fantastic book: “How to restore Volkswagen Beetle” we are stumbling along merrily…

Here is some evidence of the crime scene, My Lady… (someone has been watching too much Oscar Trail…)

In any case- here goes…  And yes, I am working hard on weight loss too for next year’s Argus Cycle race, lost 10 kg since February, still a lot to go…

IMG_2324 IMG_2326
IMG_2335Damn, when I looked at the photos just now, I thought it was my father! He also worked on this Beetle for me, but he had more of an idea what he was doing.  But he did not have much skill in teaching his son…  Me neither, but me and the boys did have a very good Friday anyway!  Most probably the Beetle will disintegrate when we finally turn the ignition key… But it was fun so far…

Oh yes, while we are working on the body, the seats is being renewed elsewhere, I really hope the guy does a good job on the upholstery!



When did the Beetle manage to get itself in such a sorry state? Slowly but surely it is coming back to life. The rate of restoration is directly equal to the drainage on my finances…  But it seems to be good for father and sons relationships!

I will post IF there is any progress…

PS- This is a LONG term project if you look at this links…




14 thoughts on “Good Friday- another view…

  1. A true labour of love. Interesting that the Beetle inspires such emotion in us. Good luck with that project. Your son will always remember those times working on it with dad.

  2. Ah, I too grew up with a Beetle. I rode thousands of miles in the little cubby hole in the back. When your the smallest kid in a family five, that’s where you end up. A great vehicle. Simple. Stalwart. And in your case, rusty!

    Happy Easter Pastor!

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