Sunday Cruisin’ – A Monument to German Engineering (WPC)

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “Monument” in any form.

What seems to be a more fitting Monument for German Motorcycle Engineering Prowess than this- an antique old Beemer on a Sunday Cruise…

No, I don’t have permission from the people on this photo. And I took a hasty photo on my mobile phone in the Streets of Melkbosstrand.  I would love a slightly different angle on this one…

But this activity- I get! A dad driving around with his son on a vintage BMW. On one of the beautiful March days that the Cape sometimes have. I have no clue which model. It looks like one of the older smaller ones- a 25o cc? BMW fanatics, please help?

IMG_2092If this is you: Please may I use this photo for this purpose?

If you know this rider- please ask him?

And if you know the bike, share the info?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Cruisin’ – A Monument to German Engineering (WPC)

  1. If the law is the same as here, you can legally photograph anyone, with or without their permission, in a public place. When I’m photographing children I try to get permission from parents and guardians as a courtesy and I pass on my blog/facebook details so they can see the photo and get a copy from me if they like it.

    When it comes to the bike I’m not an expert on Beemers I’m afraid! You’d love a place local to me, Brooklands Museum and Mercedes Benz World 🙂 I’m always in Norton heaven when we visit!

    • My daughter is studying Graphic Design with Photography, She needs permission, but I think that is because it would be for commercial use. Thanks! I would love to see the Nortons! The Norton brand is returning to South Africa after a very long absence…

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