Monument of a different kind… Weekly Photo Challenge

A monument, as I understand it, is something to make you remember somebody or a specific event in history.  The Weekly Photo Challenge Challenges us to publish about A Monument.

One of the weirdest “monuments” I have ever seen, is the grave of the Scottish Reformer John Knox at St Giles Cathedral in Scotland.

Inside the church you find the graves of the nobility, like the Marques de Montrose… Monuments to remember them by.

IMG_0435But the great Scottish Church man? I enquired at the church. Then I had to wait quite a bit to see his monument. Because…


He is remembered by a yellow square of paint at parking lot number 23. That is his grave, underneath…

And maybe it is fitting to remember great men like this! Wish our political leaders of South Africa could learn this little lesson in life!


15 thoughts on “Monument of a different kind… Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Nice take on the Monument theme! That is pretty bizarre. In other places, the church makes a great deal about memorializing their past leaders.

    In other news, I just wish our political leaders in the US would learn something, anything! They’re such idiots and have taken our nation down a path of no return to hell.

    Meanwhile, you’re welcome to come and see what my take on the theme is:

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  3. Why not ….. still he has monument, when I’m gone they can do whatever they with my burial – but I’m not famous.
    I think a gold plaque is a great way to be remembered by. Great entry.

  4. Never mind, Vosper: my favourite historical character EVER was recently discovered buried in a car-park. Of course, like Knox, it wasn’t one, then …

    • I have only today learned that King Richard III passed away sadly as the last English king to die in battle, and was lost for a few centuries. They dug up his remains and are fighting whether he should be buried in Westminster alongside 17 other kings, or in the Cathedral in Leicester, among other places. I heard from reliable soyrces that he just dont worry about that anymore, he says wherever makes them happy is good enough for him… 🙂

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