The Door to Knowledge- Oxford style! Weekly Photo Challenge II


Bucket List Item #52

I always thought that Oxford University with all it’s ancient colleges would be a place of great academic understanding.

It was the Alma Mater of some brilliant minds through history. So- in 1996, when my wife and I went to visit our sisters in the UK and Ireland, Oxford was on the Bucket List!

We found some places of great academic inspiration!  Like this pub/ restaurant/ whateveryoucallit, named after the father of Psychology. A very good threshold of academic enlightenment for students, I presume?

Speaking of Oxford: I am a great C.S. Lewis fan! The Chronicles of Narnia. And his Christian books like “Mere Christianity…”  I also like JRR Tolkien a lot, insidently being a student in the city where this great writer was born…

Well, they were great friends, Lewis and Tolkien. Oxford legend wants it to be that their favorite watering hole was the Bird and the Baby. So I also had to have a long, cold one at their supposedly favorite table at their supposedly favorite pub.  I think a lot of ideas get their inspiration in places like these, not just the ancient lecture halls…

I would love to hear the discussions between Lewis, Tolkien and other greats around a pint in this place, but I arrived half a decade too late…

So for this week’s second contribution: The threshold of wisdom sometimes is where great minds meet to relax, and share ideas…

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