Why does bad news sell so good?

My eye just caught my stats graph, before it finally disappears from view. My blog usually attracts about 150 views per day.

But when the floods hit our region and I blogged about it, my stats also flooded through the roof!

Before the flood my best day ever was 386 hits in a day. Then it soared to:

Blog highligt

15797 views in one day!

But now I am back to 77 views for a Saturday…  Quite sad actually… but I guess a lot more normal.

I do not blog for stats, I blog just because I enjoy it. But I also thought: there are some regular readers coming here, and to you all I would just like to say THANK YOU!

For all you regulars: Here is a mobile photo from my trip to Cape Town: a part of the V & A Waterfront…



7 thoughts on “Why does bad news sell so good?

  1. Wow, that’s a crazy roller coaster ride indeed. 15 thousand in one day is better than getting freshly pressed on word press! Interesting thing this blogging stuff, and what produces traffic and what doesn’t.

    Love your blog regardless

  2. i don’t always comment, but i read it. 😉 i wonder if it registers as a hit when i read it in a reader. i use feedly.

  3. Glad to be a regular. It’s a refreshing blog, nuff said. As to stats… who knows; I can never work out the peaks and troughs. As you say, who cares really 🙂

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