Meiringspoort- Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Cee challenges us to share some roads/ bridges/ paths/ Railways etc…

Being a biker, we always take photos of our bikes in front of…


This is one of the 23 Drifts in Meiringspoort, a place of legendary beauty where the road to Oudtshoorn cuts through the Swartberge (Black Mountains…)  This is one of my favourite places to ride through on a bike, much better than in a car. Because you want to have the ability to look up, and also smell the water, and the grass, and feel the wind in your face…

I also went through here last year on my way to my 19th Argus Cycle tour- I love this place!


Also,  later in April last year I drove through there with my wife and our 2 youngest. I shocked them by jumping naked into the freezing water at the waterfall- here is the photo…


You didn’t really think I would put a photo of THAT up here, did you? It was a Bucket List item…  If you ever get to go this way, do swim in the pool underneath the waterfall. But remember- it is freezing cold water!

And so- the Way between Beaufort West and Oudtshoorn, through Meiringspoort- what a Way!

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