The letter L- Sunday Stills

Back to normality- Ed has set the challenge of photos beginning with the letter L for this week.

Let’s try…


Lantern- my photo, I made it a bit old…




Lifeguard Seat- Melkbosstrand, Western CApe, South Africa


Lily, more specifically a Day Lily


Lamenting wife statue


Loftus, the hallowed rugby stadium in Pretoria, home of the Blue Bulls rugby team… and my three sons with me there one Saturday afternoon…




Good news don’t sell newspapers, bad news do…

In South Africa, we are suddenly in the world media’s attention focus with the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trail.  All over the world people follow the court battle on CNN, Sky News, BBC, Al Jazeera… etc. More coverage even than our successful presentation of the Soccer (Football) World Cup in 2010.  Much more cover than the birth of any baby in our country… maybe not as much as the birth of Prince George in England…

Bad news sells.

Now- my blog is just the views of a small rural town pastor in South Africa. I like to blog about beauty, and inspiring things. Things like motorbikes, and photography. Like adventure and great food. Normally my blog draws the daily attention of about 100 people worldwide.  And I am so grateful about that, those regular readers and their comments are a real blessing in my life! My best day ever on views was 386 views in a day once, when I said something about a controversial thing in our church, and a group of people got real angry at me.

But now a natural disaster happened 20 km from my house. My favorite holiday resort got flooded when a dam upstream burst after heavy rain the past week. I share the news of my world with my regular readers.  But suddenly, my views exploded! In the past HOUR I had 496 views, more than any previous day before yesterday.

This is what is happening on my blog at the moment:


From a best of 396 to yesterday’s 998 best ever, to today’s views… I am amazed! I wish  I could rather have such viewer stats for good news!

Thanks for all the people visiting to find out about the bad news of the flooding of Klein Kariba.

The news is still not good. The elderly couple that was missing: They were swimming in the indoor heated swimming pool, when the surge of water hit them. The water dragged them through the windows. The body of the husband was found yesterday, I did not hear if the wife’s body was found yet. And this is really scaring, if I just think how many times me and my family swam there. The last thing ever imaginable would be a surge of water dragging you out of there, drowning you and taking your body downstream…  The couple was day visitors, they resided in Bela Bela just 9 km away. 

So thanks everybody for visiting my blog. Please come again, I would much rather share good news with you. Like the beauty of our region, the wildlife, cycling, motorbike routes and great places to visit in our beautiful province and country.

My heart really goes out to the family of the deceased, and all the guests of Klein Kariba who went through this trauma. My heart also goes out to the personnel of ATKV resort of Klein Kariba. I see on their website they said they will be closed for just 2 weeks. A miracle must happen to get the resort up and running in just 2 weeks, after such major damage. But I really hope you get it done, because I really love your resort a lot, and wish you well!

Klein Kariba Flood- more photos

It is really heartbreaking to see the damage to one of my favorite camping places.   It seems that two elderly people who were just day visitors to the resort are still unaccounted for. But these photos are circulating on facebook in our community at the moment.

These two are from Marula Media, but

Maroela Media 2

The heated indoor swimming pool

Clara Ludwick

Just outside the indoor swimming pool- Photo by Clara Ludwick

Maroela Media

Photo: Marula Media

Glenn Pretorius 2

The Game Drive Lorry- Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 3

Next to the indoor swimming pool- Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 4

The bridge to the restaurant is gone! Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 5

Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius 6

Photo Glenn Pretorius

Glenn Pretorius

Photo Glenn Pretorius

As you can see, the damage to both the resort and the guests’ property must be immense!  This will take a long time to repair!

So I am thinking of all the personnel and guests of ATKV Klein Kariba. I am just so thankful that the loss of life was not greater . I really hope Klein Kariba will rise out of this again. This is the second such a flood in the 20 years I have lived here, and they also had the restaurant burning down a few years ago. But it will still be one of my favorite places when it rises again!

Perspective- Weekly Photo Challenge

The past two weeks I blogged about a project my daughter, as a Graphic Design student had to do. It was a project about cars. So I took her to a few cars and old wrecks in our region.  At this one particular farm there is this old Chevrolet Pickup, nearing 40 years old.  A typical old beatup workhorse…

This is my photo:



This was what my daughter was prepared to do to get a better perspective- in a dung filled pasture…



and this is her photo, of exactly the same scene, as edited by her for her project…



I suppose hers is a little better than mine… 🙂

Some of our day together’s photos can be found here- unfortunately all mine… 🙂



From Drought to Floods in 1 week…

Yesterday I blogged about a nice breakfast run to our neighbouring town of Warmbaths/ Bela Bela. Even then the water was flowing about 30 cm deep over the road when entering the town after a week of quite heavy rain at times. But the sun shone brightly for a while yesterday, and it was quite an experience to take the bike out again.

But things in our region changed very dramatically. Some more rain fell. And a few farmers’ dam walls broke. We have a very good holiday resort between our towns,  named Klein Kariba. Unfortunately it is in a valley. With all the dams broken upstream a huge flood went through the place, washing caravans (mobile homes?) tents, cars and people downstream.  We hear the rumours on facebook this morning that a few people are missing at the moment. Not good news.

I did not take photos of the water along the road yesterday. But a few of my facebook friends did. And these are some photos from Juanry and Mona of the town of Bela Bela (AB de Villiers, the #1 Cricket Batsman at the moment in the world- his home town.)


Photo: Monique Ungerer


Where I buy my diesel…
Photo: Juanry van Niekerk


Photo: Juanry van Niekerk

At Klein Kariba, one of my favorite holiday resorts to visit, the damage was the worst as stated above. I have blogged quite a lot about this place, with a lot of photos of wildlife, boats, peaceful waters… that is why it is such a shock… 

Like these:


From Klein Kariba’s website at

Well- this is what happened yesterday afternoon: 

 1979856_650912044944265_1356543545_n (1)

Photo: Antowan Nothling Jacaranda FM


Klein Kariba Caravan Park
Photo: Antowan Nothling on Jacaranda FM’s facebook page

Also- Earlier in the week the rain already caused major damage to road to the town of Ellisras (Lephalale) where a huge power station is being built to save our economy…


Photo: Clara Ludwick

For some video material of the water to the west of us at Vaalwater-  from Afriforum’s website:


While this all is happening, the whole world’s eyes are on a small little altercation in the High Court 130 km south from us, where there is a show about some Oscar guy…  No golden statues involved, I believe…

We also experience huge power outages at the moment, because it comes to light that all our good grade coal is being exported to India, and the dregs from the washing process of this is used in our coal burning power stations, and everything is wet in any case…  So no electricity= no economic growth…

And our National Cricket team lost to some small island somewhere in the South Pacific, something like Australia or something…

And I am not in Cape Town to compete in my 20th Argus Cycle Race in a row- I think that is the worst of them all… the sun is shining in Cape Town, and I am not there.

No sorry- the worst still remain the people missing from Klein Kariba…


These are interesting times in Africa…



Sunny Friday Morning- Ride!!!


It has been raining hard in our part of the world since Saturday. Now we have a bit of sunshine. I have a new front tyre (Bridgestone Spitfire), a new helmet, gloves and riding jacket that just had to be broken in… so, I am on the road, stopped for a huge bbq mushroom and bacon omelet in our neighbouring town… life is still good!


Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

Last weekend I walked around on the school terrain of an agricultural school near Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa. Between two of my sons’ rugby games I walked around with my camera. And these two photos don’t fit easily into any category. So- this is my contribution for the Oddball Challenge, can you guess what it is? Yes, of course you can…

_MG_0711 _MG_0730


022714 Odd Ball

Ancient Dodge- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

South Africa is a young country, we don’t have many old ruins yet… So I had to find something else that is ancient, relative to me…

So I present, for your consideration (sorry Quinton Tarantino and Django…) an ancient old Dodge that me and my daughter found for her project at the Design School.  This is purely my version, my daughter takes much better photos than me!   I would also love to know if any petrolheads out there know more about this car? I think the right front light was used to spot German Bombers in WW II…



_MG_0633 _MG_0637



How do I know it is a Dodge at all? The only reason is the wheel’s hubcap!



NOW I am running out of old wreck photos…

P.S. Congrats to the Australian Cricket Team for their victory in the 3rd test match at Cape Town, thereby winning the series.  David Warner is a world class batsman, and Mitchell Johnson a world class bowler. But Ryan Harris really hurt us in the end!  Well done, all Aussie fans. Now let’s enjoy the Twenty/20 games!