Today my heart broke again…


I am staying over with friends in Cape Town after the Word Riders tour. Their church had an outreach to a local squatter camp. They took food and some entertainment, with the gospel.

It is bad seeing people living in these conditions. And still there are a lot of babies born into utter poverty and desperation. These people are of all the races of our country. Some politicians tell the people that there are no poor white people in South Africa. Well, stuff the politicians, poverty knows no skin colour. People are people, and they all have some basic needs.

My heart break for the childrem born into this without a choice!

But how do you get the adults to get some hope, to get some self respect? How do you get them to just clean  their living area a little, and not drown their sorrows every evening with poisonous concoctions?

We brought a little joy to the children today…


We fed them for one meal. 

By now they are hungry again. And when the sun sets, this must be an extremely dangerous place. Specially for the children…



6 thoughts on “Today my heart broke again…

  1. How sad to still see poverty in our day and age. There was a program recently on the BBC about todays South Africa, and one of the episodes showed a squatters camp which was all white. Blacks in the nearby park refused to believe that there were any poor white people living there. It seems that the truth is still not getting out that poverty is still a huge issue, not matter what your colour. Good on you and your community for reaching out and trying to give these kids at least a few happy memories.

  2. Hard to click like for this one as I agree, it is so sad but I commend you and your group for going in and sharing food and fun with these children. It may have lasted only one day but they will keep the memories and maybe gain some hope of a brighter future outside of the camps.

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