Word Riders Day 5

Things are getting funny around here. After yesterday’s wet day, one of the guys in our bungelow went and buy himself a hair dryer, and left it on for hours in his riding boots.


It was time for major repairs, like the petrol tank reatouration on my colleague’s f##$/@ beat up Suzuki…


But today we visited another few schools with great results!


After a few schools in the Great Brak, and George and Sedgefield regions,  we had lunch at the beautiful Knysna.


I saw a few amazing yachts in harbour:


On the way back at Sedgefield I came across a dealer of antique cars…


Regular readers will remember a Chevvy Fleetline wreck a few weeks ago. This is how they can look!


Tonight we are having a large barbeque. And tomorrow we are going slowly to the Southern point of the African continent at Cape Agulhus. This is where Charley and Ewan also ended Long Way Down.

I am suffering from a huge tooth ache! So this is enough for today, and my steak is calling my name…

2 thoughts on “Word Riders Day 5

  1. You should post a map too .. for everyday .. so I can follow your tracks – no nothing about that part of the world.
    Tooth ache, aj-aj-AJ … rinse the mouth with vodka (you don’t have to spit it out) or maybe to to a dentist.

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