Word Riders Day 4


We are having a ball of a time on our tour! The food is great. The weather… interesting. Two days ago it must have been about 45 degrees C in Oudtshoorn. This morning we woke up to rain…

It was like the rain of Vietnam in Forrest Gump… It came from above, sideways and even from below!


We got wet to the bone!  This guy is my mother in law’s pastor, she would cry if she saw him being mistreated like this! Look at his feet…


But we visited 5 schools in our group. We really had a good time meeting with the kids in the rural areas…


We rode over Robinson Pass in heavy rain.


Really rural areas, really wet!
And all of us, even the beginners, arrived safely in Hartenbos. At the moment we are sitting in the Spur, overlooking the Indian Ocean and seeing a group/ flock/ pod/ of dolphins playing in the water.  And the frustration is: no camera with a zoomlens with me…

It was a good day so far!


Our flat tonight overlook the bay between here and Mossel Bay… But wet…

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