Life is GOOD on a long Ride!


I am on my 3rd day of a 1650 km Ride to Cape Town. Actually I have added another 200 km by going through Meiringspoort (photo) via De Rust to the Route 62, one of South Africa’s most loved biking routes. Yesterday was also a dream, turning a nightmare in Richmond, where I was fined R2500 for some oil on my number plate.The oil: I nearly lost my oil filter due to the guy changing the oil that just screwed it on by hand. But BMW in Bloemfontein quickly helped me for free! Thanks guys, that is service!

And then, when I entered Beaufort West after an extremely long, hot, windy, slow day, I heard a hissing sound fron my rear tyre. The valve just broke. There is no bike shop in BW! But two of their Supa Quick guys stayed after closing time to help me fix it. Thanks Wilhelm and friend, you two helped save my day! But it was also extreme grace that it happened in a big town and not 90 km from the nearest town, this Karoo can be a very desolate place!

All good now, having a dream ride this morning! Blogged from Jack Sprat’s at De Rust, a lovely coffee shop.


19 thoughts on “Life is GOOD on a long Ride!

  1. Oh, you bikers live in a land where the only good thing is being on your bike and RIDING … But there can’t be much better – even I can imagine it …

    • If it were not for bad politics, South Africa would be heaven on earth… we do have such diverse natural beauty, which I really enjoyed on the Ride this past 3 days, from our Bushveld with its trees and wildlife, through the bread basket of the Free State, the semi desert of the Karoo, and the awesome Cape Province with its fruit and vineyards, mountains and sea… I really love our country, and wish we could just kick out all racists of whatever skin colour, and all politicians of whatevetr persuasion… there are still ao much good here that never get mentioned on any news… Riding a bike through this land is amazing!

      • I believe it, Vosper ! πŸ™‚
        But as for the racism and inverse racism – I think the reason we’ll never be rid of it is because it’s tribal … as is every battle on earth, in truth. We are all ‘tribes’ in our own way; and unhappily there are too many members of each who like nothing better than to go out and make other tribes miserable …

        • And they all are a- holes! We can learn so much from different cultures, and at least give someone else some space to be happy in their own way. The older I get, the less I understand the human race, and the more happy I am with the peace and quiet inside my helmet, on top of that BMW Boxer engine purring beneath me. And to think, I never even once broke the max speed limit on the way down… ok, maybe once, perhaps twice…

        • And to think, I would like to buy David Warner a beer after the cricket series, congratulating him on being an awesome sportsman, even if I am much older and grew up 1/3 a world away…

          • He’s a funny little bloke. So talnted, but so much subject to his emotions. Been in trouble many times – but none of it really serious. Just a matter of his being unable to guard his temper. He’ll improve with age.
            Like you and I ! πŸ™‚

            • Well, he earned my respect in this tour! It really is a highlight of my life when our nations compete, I really have a healthy respect and admiration for Aussie sportmanship. Your nation plays to win, and so do we… and all young men does have the natural tendency to get into trouble anyway, as long as they dont go shooting people like Oscar they will grow over it…

              • OP is the perfect example of the person whose parents over-made-up for a physical problem by spoiling him rigid to the point where he same to believe he has the right to whatever he wants – or doesn’t want … 😦

  2. Dis waaroor motorfiets ry gaan, die “challenges” wat jy oppad teΓ«kom, en hoe jy dit oorwin!! Lekker, my vriend, ek sou so graag wou saam ry. Jammer oor die olietjies op die nommerplaat, dit laat seker ‘n effense wrang smaak in die mond!!!

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