This morning’s ride was LEKKER!

Lekker= a very good Afrikaans word, meaning nice, good, delicious, awesome, indescribable and so many more… in one word… The Dutch also have this word, but for them it just refer to good tasting food. We use it for EVERYTHING good…  Lekker man, Lekker!

On Thursday Morning our neighbouring town of Warmbaths/ Bela Bela looked like this:

Well, this morning I went there again…

I first tried Nguni Jack’s, but their kitchen was not open yet…  It is just behind the palm trees next to the dead traffic light on the photo above… It really is a good place to eat if you ever travel here… (Nguni Jack, next time I want a Draught on the house for this free ad!)

2014-03-15 08.58.51So I went next door again to Maxi’s… their kitchen was open. Remember them from two weeks ago?

If you look at the upper photo- they were flooded on Thursday. This morning they are open for business. Only the carpet looks a bit wet, further on it looks as good as always. So I had to go in for a quick breakfast, supporting their business. I have respect for people getting back on their feet after a disaster.  The road to Warmbaths is very bad, with huge potholes. But their municipality is busy at the moment, trying to fix it. Some of the holes are so big it took quite a few sandbags to get it level to the remaining tarmac. It was too dangerous to stop and take photos. Except for this one place just as you go out of Warmbaths north to our town- the stream is still flowing strong next to the road.


Half an hour ago… on my way home…

The sad news is: as far as I know the elderly lady who got washed away at Klein Kariba- her body is still not found, her husband’s body was found last week.

The good news:  My BMW feels really good, and ready for the long road down to Cape Town on Monday- 1650 km South from us…

I will try to blog on the go- for Word Riders 2014 in the Western Cape Province of South Africa…

5 thoughts on “This morning’s ride was LEKKER!

  1. It is weird that we are approaching our dry season and some fields are hoping for rain while in your part of the world, there is flooding. Keep safe and enjoy the upcoming ride.

    • Hi Toorts, lyk my ek gaan my 2e aand in Struisbaai mis want die ouens wat my motorfiets moet terugvat gaan al die Vrydag moet begin terugry… maar daardie eerste dag daar- Donderdag oor ‘n week… sal julle graag ontmoet! Sal my selnr vir jou op facebook PM…

  2. J dit is heerlik om die son vir n slag te sien. Jy moet veilig ry Kaap toe en veilig terugkom. Baie blessings met die wonderlike werk wat julle almal doen en ek bid die Here se seen oor julle.

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