Even more flooding in Limpopo!

This week around our town is quite hectic! Thank God our town has been spared the worst of the flooding.

Yet another dam wall has broken above Klein Kariba, and the flooding today is even worse than on Friday,

The place where I had my breakfast last Friday in Bela Bela (Warmbaths)?

This is how it looks at the moment!

Photo: Solidariteit

Photo: Nedene van Rooyen

Aerial photo of Warmbaths (Bela Bela) as shared by Berna van de Venter

Sunday Morning I had breakfast with friends at the town of Vaalwater. And this is what is happening there at the moment:


The emerging city of Ellisras (Lephalale) is now a disaster area. Nearly all the roads there is now flooded and closed, with bridges washed away…

Photo- e nuus- motorboating in the streets of Ellisras

Ellisras- photo Beeld…

Ellisras- the road to Marken- Photo Wikkie Petzer

We are a bit worried, the rumours is starting that our town’s dam wall is under threat as well, but that is not substantiated.

But do you know, we South Africans do have a way of making it better with humor…

Taken from Corné Nel’s facebook page

Shared by Benanta Smit

Shared by Anichia van Vuuren. Translated: Fasten your bra straps and take out your dentures, this road is f****ed…

What every woman need in a time like this, shared by Irene Breedt

It is my wife’s birthday tomorrow. I want to take her out to dinner tonight. But the restaurant I have in mind is not very high above our river’s water level. With my experiences of Warmbaths and Vaalwater flooding just after I have been there last weekend, I am getting a bit paranoid…

And then David Warner of Australia really hurt our Cricket team in last night’s T20 game, played over just 7 overs due to rain. He scored an incredibly fast 40 runs… damn, the man is good, can we keep him?

As we have a saying in our country, (maybe everywhere else as well…) we are just trying to keep head above water.

I have tried to give credit to all photos used. It is just too dangerous to go there myself, and be in the way of rescue teams. This post is just to keep my friends aware of what is happening in our world at the moment.

Please pray for us if you do… 🙂


Ps- At 18h04 our town’s dam wall was still holding, and we enjoyed a lovely meal at our town’s new steakhouse- Nguni Grill…

Photo by Mpho Chokolo, Acting Manager Technical Services, Modimolle Local Municipality, and shared by Nedene van Rooyen

30 thoughts on “Even more flooding in Limpopo!

  1. Bly my man het ‘n dag vroër van Ellisras af teruggekom as wat die oorspronklike plan was!! Dankie vir die fotos; en ja as Suid Afrikaner kon ek nie help om hardop te lag vir die humoristiese prentjies nie 🙂 Sal ophou kla omdat ek nie wasgoed kan droog kry nie. Sterkte daar by julle.

  2. Good luck and our thoughts are with you. We just came through an area in country NSW where we saw cattle on the ‘Long Paddock’ i.e. eating the grass on the side of the road, because they are in drought. And then tonight, we tried to stay at a country festival but got fed up with the light rain dripping on us. Earlier today, we saw one of our best waterfalls without even a drop of water in it. Weather is crazy, crazy. Hope you stay safe…..

  3. Gisteraand op ‘Onthou’ (op TV) het hulle geweys van die Vloed met Demoina in 1984. Dit lyk nou amper weer so. Dis regtig verskriklik. Dink baie aan julle

  4. Will be praying for you that the dam continues to hold in those devastating floods. Currently we are waiting the arrival of Cyclone Lusi, and praying that the effects will not be too bad after our long drought…

  5. The newest rumours in our region- the dam that broke this afternoon was at the crocodile farm, and now all the rivers downstream will be infested by Crocs… It is dangerous in any case to assume there are no crocs in our rivers and dams…

  6. I live right next to the river in Kroonstad. We’ve already had to evacuate our parking area once in February due to the river overflowing its banks. It’s raining right now. I’m seeing all these flood pictures online. I’m very thankful I live on the fourth floor, but wondering if investing in an inflatable watercraft won’t be prudent.

    • Thanks Joan, and yes, this is just 2 weeks before the Easter Holiday, traditionally one of the busiest tourist seasons as our weather is normally excellent this time of year…

  7. Hope you have a boat!
    Not on that scale, but we had floods 2 years back and it ain’t funny (no running water for 6 weeks, power loss, usual disruption. It’s pretty darned scary. The power that your boss has to dish out when he’s miffed is quite awesome at times.
    Be safe sir, you and yours.

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