Ancient Dodge- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

South Africa is a young country, we don’t have many old ruins yet… So I had to find something else that is ancient, relative to me…

So I present, for your consideration (sorry Quinton Tarantino and Django…) an ancient old Dodge that me and my daughter found for her project at the Design School.  This is purely my version, my daughter takes much better photos than me!   I would also love to know if any petrolheads out there know more about this car? I think the right front light was used to spot German Bombers in WW II…



_MG_0633 _MG_0637



How do I know it is a Dodge at all? The only reason is the wheel’s hubcap!



NOW I am running out of old wreck photos…

P.S. Congrats to the Australian Cricket Team for their victory in the 3rd test match at Cape Town, thereby winning the series.  David Warner is a world class batsman, and Mitchell Johnson a world class bowler. But Ryan Harris really hurt us in the end!  Well done, all Aussie fans. Now let’s enjoy the Twenty/20 games!

7 thoughts on “Ancient Dodge- Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme

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  2. I love this car and the photos are so beautiful. I even like the dust: it looks a little more real that way, instead of a pampered car. What’s your daughter’s project? Will she just photograph the antique?

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