Chevrolet Fleetline- somebody’s dream car…

I have a small confession to make. I love seeing Car restoration programs on Discovery. People like Chip Foose, and to see Fast & Loud, and a lot of other similar programs. Maybe even Pimp my Ride on MTV when I do get the courage to watch my teenagers’ channel!  I have this deep hidden desire to be handy, to be able to bring old things back to life. But sadly, it will only stay a dream. I just have no skill whatsoever with any tools!

But I wonder: what would these guys in America be able to create with given this old Chevrolet Fleetline body? I can imagine something so beautiful and classy.  Does anyone out there have any more info on this car- which year, how good was it, was it fast?

_MG_0605 _MG_0610 _MG_0613 _MG_0615 _MG_0616

It is always hard to imagine: this car rolled of the production line, brand new. It was somebody’s dream car. Maybe they had to save a long time for the deposit, and paid quite a long time on the installments.  I hope this car gave happy times, and travelled around a lot.  I wish cars could really tell their stories, where they have been, what they have seen. Maybe not tell of all the romantic moments on the back seat!

I would love to see this car come alive again! looking something like this beauty:

P.S. For my Australian Friends… your Cricket team is giving my cricket team a real hiding!  I am not happy. But damn, that Warner guy is batting beautifully at the moment!


7 thoughts on “Chevrolet Fleetline- somebody’s dream car…

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  2. It’s a mind game, I’ve decided, Vosper – just a mind-game. Like golf. Like tennis. When something in your head tells you “we’re losing”, that’s IT. No other way to describe the contrast between the 1st and 2nd tests.

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