Barns in Black and White- Sunday Stills

Ed has set us a difficult challenge- we don’t have beautiful barns in our region, so I never ever thought to photograph one. So I had to delve deep into my archives, and came up with a holiday we had as a family in 2005. These are some of the activities around a barn, sorry, that is the best I can do…


The youngest feeding the sheep/goats


Second youngest trying his hand at milking a cow…

Much more recently- we drove 250 km to an Agricultural School for our children’s sport last Saturday (that is why I didn’t blog!) where two of my sons played the gentleman’s game of rugby… Between games I walked about. In a shed I would expect to find:


A Tractor- even if it is a very old!


And a plough…

On the roof of a shed I would expect to find some pumpkins in South Africa, maybe to dry out, maybe to keep the tin roof in place. This is not a genuine pumpkin, otherwise it is very loaded with iron…


And that is the nearest I get to a Black and White Shed at the moment- let’s call it deconstructed or something like that!



6 thoughts on “Barns in Black and White- Sunday Stills

  1. You have done an excellent job with the subject and challenge without barn – great shots, love your boy with the animals. My favorite shot is the iron pumpkin … Well done.

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