Abandoned II- Weekly Photo Challenge


For Sale: Country Mansion in Ireland.  Location is excellent, splendid views, some loving attention needed…



It is right opposite the church…

IMG_0493I have no idea where the abandoned house in Ireland is, I just can’t remember. But this old church is the Franciscan Friary in Claregalway…


12 thoughts on “Abandoned II- Weekly Photo Challenge

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  6. I love to convert an old church … to live it, even if I don’t go to church normally, but the potentials are so fantastic, but loads of money needed. This one is beautiful as it’s and Ireland is full of them.

    • Lets try again- these old buildings do need a lot of money to keep going! I am not sure that was what was intended with the church in the first place. Jesus never asked for a building anywhere, but he commanded the church to build up people, and to love your neighbour.

      In our neighbouring town there is an old small church converted into a house, with a pretty garden, quite an awesome place to stay, I would think…

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