Monday Morning Blues…

The thought that I am going to miss this year’s Argus Cycle Race, is really getting me down. It will be the first one since 1995 that I miss, after completing 19 in a row successfully. So this is how I feel this morning:

_MG_0593I could not decide between this original colour or sepia tone:

_MG_0593bI also have to cut down seriously on coffee, as it really gives me gall attacks, and that is also traumatic…

I hope your week looks better than my Monday!

Ps- these are some of Saturday’s photos from that session me and my daughter enjoyed together…

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues…

  1. Great find …. I like the color version best … because of all the shades and warmth the rust gives to it.
    Coffee, before my cancer treatment I drank constantly … but during I couldn’t drink any because it tasted as metal .. and now I drink on big mug every morning .. and I feel a lot better. Good luck with the cut down.

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