The old ’56 Ford…

My daughter is studying Graphic Design, with Photography as one of her main subjects.  She came home this weekend with an assignment: she has to photograph cars. Old ones, and brand new stock photos.  I do not know anybody with a brand new grand car…

But one of the farmers in our church, I found out, has an old 1956 Ford in his shed. So we went there.  And some other places afterwards. I enjoyed myself, and took a lot of photos. I am not sure if she got what she wanted, but I enjoyed another day out with my daughter and our cameras…

Here is some of the old Ford in the shed- can someone shed some light on the model? 🙂


_MG_0582 _MG_0583 _MG_0586 _MG_0587I will probably share some more photos of a few other old car wrecks we saw this morning in the coming week…

6 thoughts on “The old ’56 Ford…

  1. Nice photos. It is such a shame to see beautiful cars like that rotting away in shed/garages. It is one of my dreams to get one of these old cars and work to get it back on to our roads and enjoy seeing around again.

    Have you tried using a HDR Technique on some of your old photographs of cars, I took one of your photos and ran it through, it looks really good, the rust really pops out.

  2. Beautiful old car photo’s. I love a good “Barn Find” My guess it is some kind of Ford Customline. It looks very similar to our friends, of which i got married in.

  3. I was eight. My dad had a ’48 Plymouth and a ’55 Plymouth in the au courant color salmon and charcoal. I got neither. Mine was a ’63 Ford Galaxy 500 with an interceptor engine. Thanks.

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