4 hours on a Monday morning…


And so I landed in my doctor’s surgery, flat on my back with some kalium dripping into me for the next 4 hours. Nothing serious, but I would much rather be working. It does give me a time to reflect. I am so blessed with good health normally. There are so many things and people that add so much value to my life…
Damn; it is hard tyPing with my left thumb! Take care!

13 thoughts on “4 hours on a Monday morning…

  1. Hope you’re feeling a lot better now! I’ve spent far too much of my life in hospital 😦 Drip stands are always like shopping trolleys where one wheel is wonky and you just can’t get them to move in a straight line! They’re also all called Fred.

  2. Just before the drip ran empty after nearly 5 1/2 hours my eye caught the label- Potassium Chloride! I thought that was the stuff the USA uses for lethal injections… But in a big bag of saline, dripping in slowly, that is what I need at the moment. It really looks as if it will be best to withdraw from the Argus Cycle race. and it really hurts- I have done 19 in a row, and hoped for 21 consecutive… I just will have to postpone the dream and do my best time ever next year… So I am dealing with a lot of different emotions at the moment. Fortunately nothing serious is wrong with me, so lots to be thankful for as well…. Thanks for all the good wishes. And Cape Friends, now it is only 2 weeks longer, then I will be there for the Word Riders on my motorbike!

  3. Shit a BRICK! – I seem to’ve missed all the stuff about your health, Vosper, you poor bugger.
    Hang in there, mate – those Proteas need your support! [wicked grin]
    Hug from Downunder

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