Australian Sport…

There is one thing I never knew as a South African. We have no hope in the Winter Olympics. Maybe because a lot of us have never seen snow in our lives (like my wife…) So… my sister who is a UK Citizen stated how she looks forward to the winter olympics. So I decided to tune in on the dish.

I am amazed by the Aussies on the Winter Olympics. I never knew you were doing it, and sometimes good. These past couple of days I saw sports I have
never seen before. And I saw Torah Bright in action. I am amazed and impressed. Where do you guys get all the snow?

But before I head for the Aussie embassy to emigrate- I have bought my ticket for coming Wednesday, Pretoria, Supersport Park. Test Cricket day 1, South Africa vs Australia… I am going to be there on the grass banks! In the team colours with more green in it.

Australian sport does have my respect. I hope for a good test series. And hopefully a SA victory. I hope you guys bring Torah Bright with for moral support!

10 thoughts on “Australian Sport…

  1. Australia has snowfields and winter tourism. Mind you, Torah left home at 13 to be in the international circuit for her sport, I think that’s very much the way it is for many sports these days, no matter what climate they have in their country. Apart from Jamaica and their bobsleigh team. They’re famous! How did you not know this? The movie is hilarious.

  2. And over here only those with bloody cable will get to see it.
    Ancients who live on the age pension in assisted housing … cable? …don’t make me laugh.
    Bummer. 😦

  3. Aha! And when I saw the heading, I thought you were going to have another little dig at us Aussies. Oh, me of little faith …. Thanks for the positive words!

    • I will probably have a word or two with your cricket outfielders on Wednesday… But in a good spirit, what fun is sport if the competition is not world class? No, I do respect your nation on any sport field…

    • Thanks Sarah! Whatever happens in the cricket, it will be good to watch! I hope Dale Steyn is feeling good! And AB de Villiers grew up in the town 27 km south from us… No, I didn’t know about Jamaica! Thought they only play cricket and soccer!

      • Oh yes indeed! Have you never seen the film Cool Runnings? It was about the first Jamaican bobsleigh team. Great film! They’ve been absent for a bit but have a two man team who’ve qualified this year πŸ™‚ Come the bobsleigh I’m Jamaican for the day!! Team GB just got our first ever medal on the snow, the same year that most of the country hasn’t actually seen any snow πŸ˜‰

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