Since I’ve been gone…

It is now 8 days of intense misery in my life. My wifi router died last week. I have ordered a new one, but in this rural areas of Africa everything is happening very slowly… maybe next week…

Since the 31st of January, a lot has happened in my life.

  •  I had an awesome birthday. It started Saturday morning last week with a breakfast with my family all together, it is really getting to be a blessing when all the kids are at one place at the same time…  Then we went to Pretoria, where I had lunch with the ladies in my life, my mother, my wife and my daughter. And then we booked into a very nice Bed and Breakfast, just me and my wife, for a night without the kids…
  •  I had another bad experience in my health- Monday night 01h30 my doctor had to come and inject me with morphine, I was in a world of pain with some intestinal thing that will have to be identified yet. I had an ECG, my heart is still going like a Swiss clock, maybe the cycling does help a little bit. My white blood cell count is normal, thank God it doesn’t look like the big C…  It looks as if I am on my way to get a camera shuffed down my throat soon if this nonsense continues…  Well, it could be worse, they could consider shoving it up elsewhere…
  •  With all these joy my training program for the Argus Cycle race is severely disrupted. I only have 3 weeks of training left, and has done 922 km since 1 November on my bicycle.  Yesterday and this morning I did 70 km on my bicycle, but I feel quite wasted at the moment.
  •  I really really miss my internet connection and my blogging friends!  I have brought my wife to our town’s coffee shop, and I am sneaking this one in on their wifi…

I really hope everything will turn to normal some time next week!

Meanwhile, take care!


15 thoughts on “Since I’ve been gone…

  1. Health issues isn’t the easiest thing to deal with …. I hope of my heart that you will get some good answers soon. Sometimes pain just accure from nowhere and … nothing is wrong. Will be here waiting for you when everything has fallen into its right places. Happy days to follow … because birthday is gone.

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