New Photo- 100 yards or less- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

Cee asked us to walk 100 yards or less, and take a new photo. Maybe my photo will gross you out. But it is very interesting to me!

I have also started the practice of saving the earth by recycling our kitchen scraps through a worm bin, and using the vermicompost and vermitea in my small vegetable garden. And the results are great- I am getting to be more and more organic in my farming methods.

10 Yards from my computer is my worm bin. And here is the star attraction: A red wriggler worm (Eisenia fetida– one of thousands, but this one will do…

I bought them from Brigit Jackson over at aristonorganic


His name is Willempie, ain’t he cute?  And he is helping to save the earth… 

8 thoughts on “New Photo- 100 yards or less- Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge

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  3. Great photo. I love the way the red of the worm is a shade lighter than the red on the newspaper. It looks like you’ve set up the shot deliberately. Well done.

  4. I also have a worm herd and I love taking pictures of them because, well, they’re fascinating! I figure I have to look and enough people’s baby pictures so why not share worm pictures! Fantastic shot! Hope your worms keep munching away!

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